Honoring Pastor Jimmy Terry

410168C9-F4FA-4B22-AA32-6BCB613EFD06During 2020, we are planning to add three locations to the Clarksville Montgomery County African-American Legacy Trail. One of the those locations especially speaks to the holiday season. Pastor Jimmy Terry started the Christmas movement to emphasize Jesus by placing signs that read “Christmas is All About Jesus” and later “Jesus in the Reason for the Season” around town. He spent a lot of his own money to create the signs. Pastor Terry was a leader in Clarksville, and always promoted Clarksville as “a great place to live.”
Pastor Terry passed away in 2017. Last year, the city created a monument for him at McGregor Park. Visit the Christmas on the Cumberland lights and stop to see the monument and say a “thank you” to Pastor Terry for his great works. Take a moment to remember this thoughtful leader in our community.

Read about the original signs here: Over 10,000 Christmas is All About Jesus Signs to Go Up Across Tennessee

Read the article about Clarksville’s dedication of the Pastor Jimmy Terry monument at McGregor Park here.

The Clarksville/Montgomery County African-American Legacy Trail is a living document and will be updated in 2020.

Stay in touch to learn about the other two new locations that we’ll add in 2020.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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