The Clarksville/Montgomery County African American Legacy Trail. A Downtown Walking Tour and County Drive. FREE print brochure.

NEW Brochure Coming 2023-2024.

2023-2024 Team:

Director, Terry Morris; New Historical Research provided by Jerome Parchman, Jackie Collins, Tracey Jepson, David Britton; Editor, Julone Fisher; Founder, Shana Thornton

Rossview High School Design Team led by Teacher, Hannah Brooks. Students: Zoe Morris

Research Assistance provided by: Carr Johnson, Arthur Nicholson, Joe Shakeenab

The 2019 brochure was made possible by the following community:
Designed by Rossview High School Academy of Media Arts and Technology student, Kathryn Boyer, and Teacher, Hannah Brooks

Logo Designed by Kathryn Boyer

Founder, Shana Thornton
Project Historian, Jerome Parchman
Director, Public Relations and Fundraising, Terry Morris

With special thanks to Jill Hastings-Johnson, Director of the Montgomery County Archives, for her significant contribution.

Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society is the host non-profit organization for The CMC African American Legacy Trail, ensuring that the brochure remains in print and distribution. All donations are tax-deductible. Visit their website here: Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society
The Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Non-Profit Organization.

To see the Generous Sponsors, click here. The Sponsors are the people and organizations who actually donated money to this project.

We received advice and guidance, exchanged stories, checked research, and/or further developed the project with the following generous citizens of the community (in alphabetical order by last name):

Marcellus Braxton, Director of Wilbur N. Daniel African-American Cultural Center
Kurt Bryant, Director of Montgomery County Information Systems
Jackie Collins, Historian
Michelle Dickerson, Visit Clarksville
Mayor Jim Durrett, Montgomery County Mayor
LaConza Gilliam, Burt-Cobb Recreation Center Manager
Valerie Guzman, Clarksville City Council
James Halford, Chief of Staff for Mayor Pitts
Jill Hastings-Johnson, Director of Montgomery County Archives
Millard House, Director of Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS)
Cathey Johnson, Opening Ceremony of Black History Month
Dr. Ellen Kanervo, Arts and Heritage Development Council
Dr. Helen Long, Historian
Mayor Joe Pitts, Clarksville City Mayor
Phyllis Smith, Historian
Kimberly Wiggins, Montgomery County Trustee

Tracy Jepson, Research Associate

To see the Generous Sponsors, click here.

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