Welcome! Home of the Clarksville/Montgomery County African American Legacy Trail. This trail is a downtown walking tour and county drive highlighting the contributions of prominent African Americans within the Clarksville/Montgomery County community throughout history, as well as significant places of organization, meeting, and worship.

The Legacy Trail is a FREE publication and was created for the community by citizens and students within the community. All donations are tax-deductible through Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society, the host non-profit overseeing the continued production and distribution of the brochure. To donate to the print cost of the brochure, follow these instructions: Mail checks to the following Address for donations:

Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society
590 Joshua Drive
Make checks payable to Mt. Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society. In the FOR section of the check, please write “Legacy Trail” so that we will know that you want to donate to the print cost of the Legacy Trail brochures. You can also contact us here, and we will be in touch.

Click About here to learn more about the community of people who created the brochure.

Click here to read the blog, featuring event details and more.

Generous Sponsors listed here.

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